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  1. Acetaminophen
  2. ACL Injury: Should I Have Knee Surgery?
  3. Acne: Should I See My Doctor?
  4. Acne: Should I Take Isotretinoin for Severe Acne?
  5. ADHD: Should My Child Take Medicine for ADHD?
  6. Advance Care Plan: What to Include
  7. Advance Care Planning
  8. Alan's Story: Coping with Change After a Heart Attack
  9. Allergies: Should I take allergy shots?
  10. Allergies: Should I take shots for insect sting allergies?
  11. Alzheimer's Disease: Should I Take Medicines?
  12. Alzheimer's or Other Dementia: Should I Move My Relative Into Long-Term Care?
  13. Andy's Story: Finding Your Own Routine When You Have Diabetes
  14. Anxiety: Using Positive Thinking
  15. Aortic Valve Stenosis: Should I Have Surgery?
  16. Arthritis: Should I Have Hip Replacement Surgery?
  17. Arthritis: Should I Have Knee Replacement Surgery?
  18. Arthritis: Should I Have Shoulder Replacement Surgery?
  19. Arturo's Story: Getting Support for Making a Change
  20. ASA: Should I Take Daily ASA to Prevent a Heart Attack or Stroke?
  21. Atrial Fibrillation: Should I Take Warfarin to Prevent Stroke?
  22. Atrial Fibrillation: Should I Try Electrical Cardioversion?
  23. Autopsy: Should I Have an Autopsy Done on My Loved One?
  24. Bedwetting: Should I Do Something About My Child's Bedwetting?
  25. Bedwetting: Should My Child See a Doctor?
  26. Bev's Story: Coping With Arthritis
  27. Blocked Tear Ducts: Should My Baby Have a Probing Procedure?
  28. Blood transfusions: Should I bank blood before surgery?
  29. Bob's Story: Biking for Health
  30. Breast cancer risk: Should I have a BRCA gene test?
  31. Breast Cancer Screening: When Should I Start Having Mammograms?
  32. Breast Cancer: Should I Have Breast Reconstruction After a Mastectomy?
  33. Breast Cancer: Should I Have Breast-Conserving Surgery or a Mastectomy for Early-Stage Cancer?
  34. Breast cancer: Should I have chemotherapy for early-stage breast cancer?
  35. Breast cancer: What should I do if I'm at high risk?
  36. Breast-Feeding: Should I Breast-Feed My Baby?
  37. Bronchitis: Should I Take Antibiotics?
  38. Building a Relationship With Your Doctor
  39. Building Resilience
  40. Bunions: Should I have surgery?
  41. Caregiver Tips
  42. Carole's Story: Taking Medicine Right Away to Stop a Migraine
  43. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Should I Have Surgery?
  44. Cataracts: Should I Have Surgery?
  45. Cathy's Story: Dealing With Stress
  46. Cheryl's Story: Dealing With Depression
  47. Choosing a Nursing Home
  48. Choosing a Substitute Decision-Maker (SDM)
  49. Circumcision: Should I keep my son's penis natural?
  50. Colon Cancer: Which Screening Test Should I Have?
  51. Complementary Medicine
  52. Complementary medicine: Should I use complementary medicine?
  53. Cort's Story: Coping With Insomnia
  54. CPR Basics
  55. Dawn's Story: From Dieting to Healthy Eating Habits
  56. Dealing With Medicine Side Effects and Interactions
  57. Dealing With Negative Thoughts
  58. Debbie's Story: People Can and Do Recover
  59. Decision Points About Surgery
  60. Decision Points About Treatments and Other Health Issues
  61. Decision Points for Medical Tests
  62. Decision Points for Medicines
  63. Depression: Should I Stop Taking My Antidepressant?
  64. Depression: Should I Take an Antidepressant?
  65. Depression: Should I Take Antidepressants While I'm Pregnant?
  66. Depression: Should My Child Take Medicine to Treat Depression?
  67. Depression: Using Positive Thinking
  68. Diabetes: Should I Get an Insulin Pump?
  69. Diabetes: Should I Get Pregnant?
  70. Dupuytren's Disease: Should I Have Hand Surgery?
  71. Dysfunctional uterine bleeding: Should I use hormone therapy?
  72. Ear Infection: Should I Give My Child Antibiotics?
  73. Ear Problems: Should My Child Be Treated for Fluid Buildup in the Middle Ear?
  74. End-of-Life Care: Should I Have Artificial Hydration and Nutrition?
  75. End-of-Life Care: Should I Receive CPR and Life Support?
  76. End-of-Life Care: Should I Stop Kidney Dialysis?
  77. End-of-Life Care: Should I Stop Treatment That Prolongs My Life?
  78. Endometriosis: Should I have a hysterectomy and oophorectomy?
  79. Endometriosis: Should I use hormone therapy?
  80. Enlarged Prostate: Should I Have Surgery?
  81. Enlarged Prostate: Should I Take Medicine?
  82. Erection Problems: Should I Take Medicine?
  83. Erection Problems: Should I Try Injection Treatments?
  84. Exercise Helps Maggie Stay at a Healthy Weight
  85. Expert: Be Active to Help Your Back Heal
  86. Fertility Problems: Should I Be Tested?
  87. Fertility Problems: Should I Have a Tubal Procedure or In Vitro Fertilization?
  88. Flu Vaccines: Should I Get a Flu Vaccine?
  89. Flu: Should I Take Antiviral Medicine?
  90. Funeral Planning
  91. Gallstones: Should I Have Gallbladder Surgery?
  92. GERD: Which Treatment Should I Use?
  93. Glaucoma: Living With Reduced Vision
  94. Gloria's Story: Adding Activity to Help Control Blood Sugar
  95. Grapefruit Juice and Medicines
  96. Hair Loss: Should I Take Medicine to Regrow Hair?
  97. Hammer, claw, or mallet toe: Should I have surgery?
  98. Headaches: Should I Have Imaging Tests to Find Out What's Causing My Headaches?
  99. Headaches: Should I Take Medicine to Prevent Migraines?
  100. Headaches: Should I take prescription medicine for tension headaches?
  101. Healing Through Humour
  102. Healthwise Self-Care Checklist
  103. Healthy Aging: Is It Time to Stop Driving?
  104. Healthy eating: Recognizing your hunger signals
  105. Hearing Loss: Should I Get a Hearing Aid?
  106. Heart Disease Risk: Should I Have a Coronary Calcium Scan?
  107. Heart Disease: Should I Have an Angiogram?
  108. Heart Disease: Should I Have Angioplasty for Stable Angina?
  109. Heart Disease: Should I Have Bypass Surgery?
  110. Heart Failure: Should I Get a Pacemaker (Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy)?
  111. Heart Failure: Should I Get an Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator (ICD)?
  112. Heart Problems: Should I Have Catheter Ablation?
  113. Heart Rate Problems: Should I Get a Pacemaker?
  114. Heart Rhythm Problems: Should I Get an Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator (ICD)?
  115. Heart valve problems: Should I choose a mechanical valve or tissue valve to replace my heart valve?
  116. Hemophilia: Should I have regularly scheduled or on-demand clotting factor replacement?
  117. Hemorrhoids: Which Treatment Should I Use?
  118. Hepatitis B and C: Should I be tested?
  119. Hepatitis B: Should I Take Antiviral Medicine for Chronic Hepatitis B?
  120. Hepatitis C: Should I take antiviral medicine?
  121. Herniated Disc: Should I Have Surgery?
  122. High Blood Pressure: Should I Take Medicine?
  123. High Cholesterol: Should I Take Statins?
  124. HIV: When Should I Start Taking Antiretroviral Medicines for HIV Infection?
  125. Home Medical Records
  126. Hospice Palliative Care
  127. Hospital Discharge Planning
  128. HPV: Should My Daughter Get the Vaccine?
  129. Hyperthyroidism: Should I use antithyroid medicine or radioactive iodine?
  130. Hysterectomy and Oophorectomy: Should I Use Estrogen Replacement Therapy (ERT)?
  131. Hysterectomy: Should I Also Have My Ovaries Removed?
  132. Infertility: Should I Have Treatment?
  133. Insomnia: Should I take sleeping pills?
  134. Interactive Tools
  135. Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Should I Have Tests for IBS Symptoms?
  136. Izzy's Story: Living With the DASH Diet
  137. Jaci's Story: Changing her Life With Small Steps
  138. Jack's Story: Will I Need Surgery?
  139. Jeremy's Story: Focusing on Eating Habits
  1. Jerry's Story: Reducing Stress to Stop Tension Headaches
  2. Jerry's Story: Take Prediabetes Seriously
  3. Joan's Story: Coping With Depression and Anxiety From Heart Failure
  4. Joe's Story: Taking Charge With the TLC Plan
  5. John's Story: Finding a Way to Exercise
  6. Joyce's Story: Feeling Better With a Pacemaker
  7. Keeping Track of Medicines
  8. Kidney failure: What type of dialysis should I have?
  9. Kidney Stones: Should I Have Lithotripsy to Break Up the Stone?
  10. Kris's Story: Getting Active With No Excuses
  11. Lab Test Results: Units of Measurement
  12. Linda's Story: Getting Active When You Have Prediabetes
  13. Linda's Story: Quitting Smoking Improves Cholesterol
  14. Living Will
  15. Living With More Than One Health Problem
  16. Loralie's Story: It's Never Too Late
  17. Lorna's Story: There's No Fast Cure
  18. Low Back Pain: Should I Have an MRI?
  19. Low Back Pain: Should I Have Spinal Manipulation?
  20. Low Back Pain: Should I Try Epidural Steroid Shots?
  21. Low-Salt Diets: Eating Out
  22. Maggie Morris: Plan Ahead When You Eat Out
  23. Maggie: Making Room for "Worth-It" Foods
  24. Maggie's Story: Making Changes for Her Health
  25. Maggie's Strategies for Eating Healthy
  26. Making Good Health Decisions
  27. Making the Most of Your Appointment
  28. Making Wise Health Decisions
  29. Martha's Story: A Voice for Recovery
  30. Medical Specialists
  31. Medication Monitoring
  32. Meniscus Tear: Should I Have a Diagnostic Test (MRI or Arthroscopy)?
  33. Meniscus Tear: Should I Have Surgery?
  34. Menopause: Should I Use Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?
  35. Mind-Body Wellness
  36. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  37. Miscarriage: Should I Have Treatment to Complete a Miscarriage?
  38. Multiple Pregnancy: Should I Consider a Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction?
  39. Multiple sclerosis: Should I start taking medicines for MS?
  40. Nail Infection: Should I Take Antifungal Pills?
  41. Nate's Story: Sick of Smoking
  42. Nearsightedness: Should I Have Laser Surgery?
  43. Non-Prescription Medicines and Products
  44. Obesity: Should I Have Weight-Loss Surgery?
  45. Obesity: Should I Take Weight-Loss Medicine?
  46. Obesity: Should I Use a Diet Plan to Lose Weight?
  47. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Should I Take Medicine for OCD?
  48. Osteoporosis: Should I Have a Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) Test?
  49. Osteoporosis: Should I Take Bisphosphonate Medicines?
  50. Ovarian Cancer: Should I Have My Ovaries Removed to Prevent Ovarian Cancer?
  51. Panic Disorder: Should I Take Medicine?
  52. Patty’s Story: Using Positive Thinking to Help Back Pain
  53. Pediatric Preparation for Medical Tests
  54. Pelvic Organ Prolapse: Should I Have Surgery?
  55. Peripheral arterial disease: Should I have surgery?
  56. Physician-Assisted Death
  57. Plantar fasciitis: Should I have surgery for heel pain?
  58. PMS: Should I Try an SSRI Medicine for My Symptoms?
  59. Positive Thinking With Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy
  60. Positive Thinking: Stopping Unwanted Thoughts
  61. Practicing Gratitude
  62. Pregnancy: Should I bank my baby's umbilical cord blood?
  63. Pregnancy: Should I Have Amniocentesis?
  64. Pregnancy: Should I have an epidural during childbirth?
  65. Pregnancy: Should I Have CVS (Chorionic Villus Sampling)?
  66. Pregnancy: Should I Have the Maternal Serum Triple or Quadruple Test?
  67. Pregnancy: Should I Try Vaginal Birth After a Past C-Section (VBAC)?
  68. Preparing for the Emergency Room
  69. Prescription Medicines
  70. Prevent Medical Errors
  71. Prostate Cancer Screening: Should I Have a PSA Test?
  72. Prostate Cancer: Should I Have Radiation or Surgery for Localized Prostate Cancer?
  73. Questions About Joint Surgery
  74. Questions to Ask About Your Medicines
  75. Quick Tips: Reducing the Stress of Caregiving
  76. Quick Tips: Taking Charge of Your Angina
  77. Quick Tips: Taking Medicines Wisely
  78. Quick Tips: What to Do When You Crave Nicotine
  79. Quitting Smokeless Tobacco
  80. Quitting smoking: Getting support
  81. Quitting smoking: Helping someone quit
  82. Quitting smoking: Should I use medicine?
  83. Ravi’s Story: Coping With Back Pain and Depression
  84. Reducing Medication Costs
  85. Robert's Story: Getting and Staying Active
  86. Rotator cuff problems: Should I have surgery?
  87. Scoliosis: Should I (or my child) have surgery?
  88. Shellie's Story: Finding Time for Physical Activity
  89. Sherri's Story: Medicines Do Work
  90. Shingles: Should I Get a Shot to Prevent Shingles?
  91. Sinusitis: Should I Have Surgery?
  92. Sinusitis: Should I Take Antibiotics?
  93. Sleep apnea: Should I have a sleep study?
  94. Sleep apnea: Should I have surgery?
  95. Sleep problems: Dealing with jet lag
  96. Smart Decisions: Know Your Options
  97. Social Connections
  98. Sore Throat: Should I Take Antibiotics?
  99. Spinal Stenosis: Should I Have Surgery?
  100. Stan's Story: Getting There Hasn't Been Easy
  101. Steve's Story: Coping With Arthritis
  102. Stress Incontinence: Should I Have Surgery?
  103. Stress Management: Breathing Exercises for Relaxation
  104. Stress Management: Doing Guided Imagery to Relax
  105. Stress Management: Doing Meditation
  106. Stress Management: Doing Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  107. Stress Management: Practicing Yoga to Relax
  108. Stress Management: Relaxing Your Mind and Body
  109. Stroke Risk and Carotid Endarterectomy
  110. Stroke: Should I Have Carotid Endarterectomy?
  111. Stroke: Should I move my loved one into long-term care?
  112. Surgery: What to Expect
  113. Susan's Story: A Friend Really Helps
  114. Taking Medicines as Prescribed
  115. Tapping the Power of Optimism
  116. Tennis Elbow: Should I Have Surgery?
  117. Testicular Cancer: Which Treatment Should I Have for Stage I Non-Seminoma Testicular Cancer After My Surgery?
  118. Testicular Cancer: Which Treatment Should I Have for Stage I Seminoma Testicular Cancer After My Surgery?
  119. TM disorder: Should I have surgery for jaw pain?
  120. Tonsillitis: Should My Child Have a Tonsillectomy?
  121. Tony's Story: Taking Medicine for High Cholesterol
  122. Tyrell's Story: Taking Pills for High Blood Pressure
  123. Ulcerative Colitis: Should I Have Surgery?
  124. Umbilical hernia: Should my child have surgery?
  125. Understanding Lab Test Results
  126. Uterine Fibroids: Should I Have Surgery?
  127. Uterine fibroids: Should I have uterine fibroid embolization?
  128. Uterine fibroids: Should I use GnRH-a therapy?
  129. Vaginal Yeast Infection: Should I Treat It Myself?
  130. Varicose veins: Should I have a surgical procedure?
  131. Warts: Should I Treat Warts?
  132. Weight management: Should I use over-the-counter diet aids?
  133. Weight Management: Using Positive Thinking
  134. Wisdom teeth: Should I have my wisdom teeth removed?
  135. Work Closely With Your Doctor
  136. Working With More Than One Doctor
  137. Your Home Health Centre
  138. Your Shared Decision-Maker: How to Choose Someone


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